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tv   ABC 7 News at 600  ABC  July 18, 2011 6:00pm-6:30pm EDT

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live and in hd, this is abc7 news at 6 on your side. are big story will sound familiar. >> we are facing a major heat wave and temperatures are going nowhere but up. people were doing their best to deal with the warm temperatures. if you think it is hot today brace yourself. >> a look at where we are and where we are headed. >> today's heat is nothing compared to what we're going to get later this week. is that right? >> it is a little bit of a warm- up. temperatures will be excessive. i will give the the latest. check out our current temperatures. right around the 90-degree mark. humidity levels are up there as well. what is not quite so typical is
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the extended periods of high heat and humidity. oklahoma city, 100 degrees. the heat index is 115 in omaha. it feels like 113 in minneapolis. a couple of isolated showers later tonight and tomorrow. a lot more on this heat and a few minutes. we are not the only ones locked in mother nature's oven. the scorching temperatures hit most of the midwest. 15 states are under heat advisories and warnings. nearly 40 states will see temperatures above 90 degrees by the end of this week. in missouri, 11 people have died from heat related illnesses. there is no relief in the forecast for this weekend. >> you can track temperatures in the time iat
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we're following developments in the hacking scandal involving rupert murdoch and his media empire. for london police officers are embroiled in the investigation. new allegations come as rupert murdoch prepares to testify and investigators are looking into. we have the latest on the scandal that seems to keep getting bigger. >> what is going to happen next? the very latest news is the death of them than you originally blew the whistle on the phone hacking. his body was found in his london apartment last night. it is not being labeled as the suspicious death. in the meantime, more resignations and finger-pointing as the scandal grows. one high-level british law enforcement official after another is falling in the wake of the scandal. yesterday, britain pot top cop resigned.
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now the deputy has quit. his former boss denies any wrongdoing. >> i have no knowledge of this disgraceful practice. >> rupert murdoch's shut down "the news of the world" last week. the former editor was arrested and the -- in connection with the case. his son is also in trouble. >> there was a particular settlement that i authorized. i said, it was made with information that was incomplete. i acted on the advice of the executives and lawyers. that is a matter of regret for me personally. >> more than half of the media empire here in the united states is being investigated.
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>> there is a moral turpitude clause in the regulations for tv stations. you have to be certified. >> aid date to answer questions tomorrow before lawmakers in parliament. some major developments in the deck showdown to report tonight, including a threat to -- that president obama will be to a proposal they are preparing. senate leaders said they will meet every day until congress has a plan that will keep the nation from default. >> august 2 is the deadline to raise the debt ceiling. that is to vix from tomorrow. there is no agreement, there are a lot of but -- there are a lot of ideas being tossed around. is anyone willing to play let's
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make a deal? >> house republicans will vote to raise the debt ceiling but requires substantial budget cuts a cap on government spending and a balanced budget amendment. the senate will not pass it and the president says he will veto it. a meeting with house republicans have the present sounding hopeful for a big deal with $4 trillion in cuts. >> a unique opportunity is presenting itself for the united states to do something historic. >> tom coburn has a plan, cut $9 trillion, up 20% of government spending. that will not pass. senate leaders are working on a back up, giving the president the authority to raise the debt ceiling. >> get this problem fixed. >> there are some who do not want to make a deal at all. >> this might force that issue.
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even if the economy does go down. >> what about the voters? >> i think the congress and president make a big statement if they can work something out. >> the republicans and the democrats need to be responsible and get their act together. >> i am a little worried. >> a new poll out down 71% of americans oppose the way the republicans are handling the desktop. -- the debt talks. the clock is ticking toward default. president obama has nominated ohio's former attorney general. he will head the new government watchdog group. the agency's goal is to keep an eye on mortgages credit cards and other forms of lending. another cycles was robbed at
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gunpoint today on the metropolitan branch trial in northeast. it comes just two days after a man was approached and added iphone and wallace stolen. five robberies are reported between may and june. the final chapter appears to be just hours away for a popular book store. we have the latest on borders financial problems. >> if you think that you pay a lot to parked here in the d.c. area, you are not even close. >> white is this slavery museum
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you are watching abc 7 news at 6:00, on your side. >> we are back with some big trouble facing a museum dedicated to telling the story of slavery in america. >> the city is taking the property because of thousands of dollars owed in taxes. we have more on this controversy. >> the freedom garden at the site of the u.s. national slavery museum remains in close inside a locked fence in definitely. it was intended to open in 2007 as an important place to tell the story of slaves in america.
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the 38 acres in fredericksburg now belongs to the city because of an almost a quarter million dollars in unpaid taxes. >> the state has to do what the state has to do. >> the city treasurer's sent a letter to the founder notifying that the property would be put up for sale because taxes have not been paid for three years. >> we would much rather have the museum. >> the treasury says he has not heard from doug wilder at all about the project. his last public statement was in february. fund raising was suspended in 2008. donors and future patrons want answers. >> he should be held accountable. you can not be sweeping it under
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the rug. we want to find out where the money is. >> the city will not advertise this 38-acres for sale, appraised it almost $8 million. they have not heard from anyone yet, but they expect they will get many bids. coming up, so major roadwork heading in our direction. >> did ready to crank up the air conditioner even more. >> i am still burned out about yesterday's world cup soccer game.
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a new war in the chapter of the war of afghanistan happened today. this comes as make a prepares to
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hand the potential security to afghan forces. a major project has been delayed. >> the work was supposed to begin to date to be repaved the four-mile stretch between seminary road in silver spring. the project has been pushed forward to july 31. highway crews have begun three weeks of repaving work on southbound 95. that work will close one or two lanes at a time overnight. if you think the parking rates are high in d.c., think again. new york city has the highest rates in the country. drivers pay up to $40 an hour. boston came in at number three. d.c. came in at number eight.
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borders bookstores will begin the process of going out of business this week. since no company offered a deal to buy the book seller, borders will submit a liquidation plan on thursday. all 400 remaining stores will close and 11,000 workers will lose their jobs. they were unsuccessful in finding a company to buy the chain. not good news. you have a couple of days' warning, as you can make plans. you'll have to come up with a strategy. thursday friday saturday, possibly sunday, the worst of it. this is the beach at chesapeake. looking out across the chesapeake bay.
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the heat index is 98 in martinsburg. the heat and humidity making it feel warmer than what the thermometer indicates. showers and storms pass into our north east tonight. we make it a few flashes of lightning out of the deal. just keep up with bob ryan later tonight at 11:00. 93 and 73, the high and low at reagan national today. 25 times this year, we have hit 90 or higher. we are running behind the pace. that is good news. 91 right now in the district. the humidity levels 100 degrees in oklahoma city.
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98 in omaha. but it feels like it is 115. that is the kind of heat and humidity will be dealing with. this little disturbance in the atmosphere, that is the mechanism causing the showers and storms. once that falls apart tomorrow, that is it for a while. that will be our big story moving forward for the next several days. what are we looking at? we will slowly drop down through the 80's and into the 70's. by tomorrow, close to 90. 93 in the afternoon and isolated showers and storms will be part of our story. the next chance of rain will not come until sometime next monday. the toyota sports desk brought to you by your local toyota dealers. moving you forward.
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do you think those nfl players see that forecast and said, what is wrong with a lockout? >> it looks like they will play. there will be a season after all. the countdown for lifting the lockout is under way. it will be elected by the end of the week. the language is being finalized by the lawyers in new york. both sides are amenable to rowling the most problematic issues into a global settlement. the television insurance issue would be dropped from both sides. i will keep you posted. for soccer fans, yesterday's game presented a roller coaster of emotions. when japan meet -- when japan be the united states, the better team did not win. both goals scored by japan
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before the shootout were assisted by u.s. players. when i did go to the shootout, japan showed confidence. tough loss, but they gave it away. for golf fans, how can you not love darren clark. he is one of the older guys. he loves a pint at the end of the round. the final round was special because he managed his game. he did not back off or panic. at the end, he looked to the heavens. he took, -- what the open is the biggest and best tournament and the world. it has taken me a long time to get here. >> the celebrities were playing at lake tahoe. charles barkley was sparing --
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was scaring anybody you ever tried to play the game of golf. that is a bad swing. he even when he uses one arm and keep kids did a mile. -- he hit it a mile. the worst swing and the world. the national's lost a heartbreaker last night. they are one game below 500. the national start a series in houston tonight. our catch of the night comes from the baseball league. he makes the grab. what a catch. a great catch. watch the ball. he grabs it with his hand. that is our catch of the night. for the blooper of the night we shine the spotlight on the out fielder. down the third base line. luckily, no one was hurt.
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they had to stop the game to pick up all but broken shards of glass. it was a mass. nba players are looking toward the european basketball league in case of a lockout. it probably will not be solved by the season. turkey wants kobe bryant to play for them. kobe bryant went in million dollars a month to place in turkey. that is why he is our turkey of the month.
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we have another facebook contest under way and this one could win you a million dollars. >> go to our facebook page and there you can register for a chance to go to the front of the line. winners will be announced each day this week. >> good luck to you. could lead to all of us with this heat coming up. >> it is going to be incredibly hot and humid, and that is my final answer. bob ryan will have more on bad at 11:00. here are the numbers. close to 100 degrees thursday, friday, saturday. >> thank you. >> my pleasure.
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>> we will see you back here at [
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